"People spend their whole lives trying to learn everything that exists beyond them, in hopes of finding what already lies within." -Unkown

The Light Seeker is a theatrical glass blowing performance portraying the personal transformation of a young bird goddess.  Lacey’s Light Seeker is a 142 piece, functional glass installation sculpture assembled on stage alongside a choreographed performance including live dancers and sound design. Sound and music guide the young goddess through an on stage metamorphosis as she dances the trials and tribulations of her life... In this classic story of self discovery the lines between artist and viewer blur as the captivated attendee becomes part of the creation by realizing they too are a seeker in their own journey, thus illuminating the true meaning the Light Seeker.

The Light Seeker - 2015 © Lacey St. George - LaceFaceGlass TM®   

Credits & Thank You:

Producer/ Glass Artist:

Lacey (LaceFace) St. George

Productions Manager:

 Patrick Boyle of LostInSound

Bird Goddess/ Choreographer:

 Ariana Papusek of Lunar Fire

Raven/ Costume Designer:

 Tiffany Smyth of ArtSmtyths Denver


Ryan Madson of Lunar Fire

MC Host: 

Scuba Steve

Media Coordinator & Photographer: 

Anndrea Didonato of Lucid Light Studios


Zac Fabian of Fabian Productions


Mark Santos of Mark Stylez Media

DJ 1: 

Alex Baerga: CurlyOne

DJ 2: 

Patrick Boyle: Digital Vagabond

Glass Prep Assistance

Aleks Mirys

Stage Hand/Assistance:

Bryan Dosher, Stephen Smith, Kendal Bullock

Light Seeker Stand made by:

 Scott Dubstien, StandsbyScooter