"There are strong spiritual themes that flow along the curvy lines of my art. I believe glass holds the energy of life with it’s unique relationship to the powerful elements of Fire and Air. My artworks strive to present natural beauty by portraying life that occurs in the physical world like animals, flowers, and the human form. If one were to look closely, most of the women in my work are looking towards Heaven, reaching upwards in reverence and gratitude. The spiritualistic and ritualistic quality of pipes has always inspired me to create a higher form of functional art that can be portrayed as sacred, statuesque, or shamanic. The medium of glass in combination with ancient sacraments have given our society a way to reach a higher consciousness, while also providing communion with each other by bringing people together to perform a ritual as old as human history itself, smoking."

- Lacey St.George

Take your sacred pipe and walk into their midst. Die if necessary in your attempt to bring about reconciliation. Then when order has been restored and they see you lying dead on the ground, still holding in your hand the sacred pipe, the symbol of peace and reconciliation, then assuredly will they know that you have been a real chief.
— Winnebago lesson

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