Press & Publications:

- ”HIGH TIMES” Article featuring Las Vegas National Flame-off Championship. “Flame Off in Vegas” July 2010

- Used in Ad Photos for Skutt Kiln Pro Series, Featured in many of The Flow magazine's, Fall 2011

- Featured on documentary cover of “Degenerate Art; The art and culture of glass pipemaking” Produced by M. Slinger, SteamMachine Productions. 2012

- Featured in Galleria Magazine Volume #3, BIG show publication August 2012

- Pipe Classic #7,  featured in documentary of competition. NoSOx production, 2012

- Feature Article “By the people, for the people” by Kate Csillagi, Hot Breath Magazine, Volume 3 Spring 2012

- Featured in HIGH TIMES, feb issue. Glass Blower of the month. 2013

- Featured as cover story,” Perpetual Motion, Running with a Goddess” by Aaron Evans,  SKUNK Magazine Volume 9 issue #3, Nov, 2013

- ”Salts Field Guide to Pipe Classic #7” coffee table book, Published by Burn Gallery, 3013

- Published in CoCa Center on Contemporary Art Book, “Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe, Contemporary Art on the Brink of Legalization” many authors, Jan 2014

- Feature Article, Dope Magazine Colorado July 2015, Travel Issue #6

- Centerfold Photo Feature, HotBreath Magazine, Issue 12 May 2014

- Featured Artist in the "The Contemporary Shot Glass" book by Eli Mazet 2014

- Featured in cover story, “The Enlightened AGE Neither Priest, Nor Profit.” by David Pogge, The Counter Culture Magazine, April 2014

- Feature Article Rooster Magazine, “Glassblower LaceFace on Hard Work, Dedication and Maple Donuts”  April 2015


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